Our Services

in Singapore


We deliver independent, objective and high quality services through our core assurance practice. The way we look at business is primarily from a risk view point and by assisting you to identify the real risks, we are in a position to provide viable solutions to address those risks. Our approach is designed to allow our professionals to understand your business and your major processes. Understanding the business in this way allows us to link real risks with financial statement risks to improve efficiency, performance and financial reporting.


We are mindful that in today’s dynamic environment, we must be responsive to your business demands. As independent accountants, we are well placed to examine your internal control systems objectively and provide insights into the effectiveness of your resources and management philosophy in meeting your objectives. Our services extend to financial and commercial due diligence exercises, advisory and business transaction support.

Accountancy & Compilation of Financial Statements

This practice includes the timely preparation of financial statements, and value-added advice and assistance in the areas of reporting. Not only will we ensure highest accuracy in accounting your transactions, but we will also provide you with constructive suggestions for improvement to enable you to better understand the requirements and the company’s financial position. We also assist in the preparation of unaudited financial reports in compliance with the necessary requirements for companies exempted from audit requirements, including the preparation of financial statements in XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language) format.

Small and Medium Enterprises

Our focus on small and medium enterprises provides attentiveness to this emerging potential pool of businesses. We provide customised business solutions to achieve efficiency and enhanced performance, and are mindful and dedicated to ensure you make informed decisions. We also assist in certification exercises, such as government grants and other schemes, as well as other requirements, as needed.

Tax Compliance and Advisory

We assist in the preparation of Singapore tax returns, and in correspondences with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore. Our services extend to other tax areas including goods and services tax. In addition, we week to find tax savings opportunities through customised solutions in tax advisory services.

Corporate Secretarial

Our independent corporate secretarial arm specialises in providing regulatory compliance services, business registration and establishment, restructuring and advisory services. This includes maintenance of statutory books and records to ensure compliance with statutory requirements, liaison with relevant regulatory bodies and guidance as you take your first step in your business venture.

in Other Regions

PRC Services

Our strategic relationship with top CPA firms and business consultants in PRC, premised on four strengths – experience (with relevant parties and various clients), service quality, vast network and dedicated people – allows us to help you bridge business opportunities and the working culture in PRC. This means you can get straight to your objectives when doing business in PRC. Led by an experienced team covering many aspects of assurance and advisory work, our Beijing and Shanghai partners provide incorporation and business process outsourcing services in addition to audit and tax services.

Malaysia Services

We realise the importance of a closer alternative for you to grow your business. Our Malaysia office provides advisory and outsourcing support for business processes and transactions.


For your global expansion, please contact us and we shall be happy to connect you with the relevant member within the EuraAudit International group.